Nail Art #13- St. Patrick’s Day!

Here is another St. Patrick’s Day inspired nail look. Below you will find the steps I took to complete the look. Hope everyone has a fabulous St. Patty’s Day!


1.) I started by applying Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails as a base coat.

2.) I then applied 3 coats of Mint by L.A. Colors. I allowed drying time in between coats.

3.) I applied 1 coat of Mint Tint by Sally Hansen (Sugar Shimmer) on my ring fingers.

4.) The next step was to top it all off, once it was dry, with Speed Dry Top Coat by Nutra Nail.

One thing I did leave out of the steps was that I applied a cuticle oil called Too Cute-icle by Pop-arazzi before I started the process. This step is optional depending of the condition of your cuticles.

Here is the finished product!


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