A Day at Downtown Disney… or is it Disney Springs?

Back in October during our vacation we spent a day at Downtown Disney. Back then it was still called Downtown Disney but I have no idea if the name has officially changed to Disney Springs at this point.

On a previous trip we had spent a majority of one day at Disney Quest but this time we decided to skip it. Instead we meandered through all the shops. The whole area was bustling a lot and we figured the construction that was going on had something to do with it. We love the idea of new places being added and upgrades coming to the area but all the construction walls and construction workers did make it a little distracting. The workers were not doing anything wrong but there was quite a lot of them and they easily stood out with their safety hats and vests. Dave is a very handy person and is quite schooled in the construction world so of course he had to take an interest in what they were doing (hence the distractions!)
Here are some pictures of the construction we saw.

It was a lot of fun just walking through the area at our leisure. We were not in a rush to get into a queue line to wait for any rides so we took our time and just wandered through the stores. We also hopped on the balloon ride, Characters in Flight which we mentioned in a previous post. It can be found here.

One of our favorite stops was the glass store. They have tons of hand blown glass items all throughout the store. It’s a lot of fun to see all the unique things that they come up with, although it is a little scary because we would hate to be the person that breaks something. The prices are certainly not cheap. Here are some pictures of what they offered.

We love checking out all that Downtown Disney has to offer. It’s a lot to see and take in. We did make some stops in a few of the restaurants which we will be sure to talk about in upcoming posts. Check back in to hear about those restaurants!


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