Nail Art #11


Here is what I did to create this latest nail art look.

1.) I started by applying a base coat of Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails

2.) After the base coat was dry I applied 2 layers of Milani’s Bijou Bronze.

3.) Once the Bijou Bronze was completely dry I used The Color Workshops nail art polish in black to create a diagonal line to almost create a sideways french tip. This particular polish is really convenient for nail art as it is much smaller than typical nail polish brushes and helps to create finer lines.

4.) I then proceeded to use The Color Workshops nail art polish to fill in the space between the black line I had previously drew on to the tip of the nail. The completely covered over the Bijou Bronze.

5.) Once it was all dry I poured out a little of the black polish and proceeded to use my dotting tool to make little black dots along the area where the bronze and black meet. I basically did this along the whole line.

6.) I finished off the look by topping it all off with a top coat by Pure Ice.

Here is the finished product!


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