Leather Kit By Pretty Woman-Fail

I purchased this kit at my local Rite Aid. It was on clearance for $2.99 so I thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately for me it turned into a big old fail!

I followed the kits instructions by applying a base coat that was included in the kit. Once all of that was dry I applied a coat of the leather-effect polish. I allowed it to dry for 2 minutes as instructed and then proceeded to apply my 2nd coat. I then waited for the 2nd coat to dry but this turned into a big messy nightmare. For unknown reasons the polish would just not dry. It stayed wet even after a half an hour. After waiting this long and growing extremely impatient I decided to remove it. I started using nail polish remover but then discovered I didn’t need to. All the polish wiped completely off. I only needed to use remover to get into the sides of my nails. After doing all of this I had leather black nail polish everywhere. It was really difficult because the polish stayed extremely wet. It was all over my fingers and I ended up needing to use remover on my hands as well as nails.

Overall I have to say that I did not like this kit at all. It just made a mess everywhere and I had to redo my nails afterwards. I might try to attempt the leather look again but in all honesty it sort of makes me a little grumpy, especially after knowing the time and energy I put in completely failed. I followed the directions and it ended up terrible. I didn’t even get any pictures because I kept getting polish everywhere. Maybe when I am home on vacation I will try it again.


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