Fun At Animal Kingdom

On our last visit to Disney we spent a good portion of the day in Animal Kingdom. We hadn’t been to this park in quite some time. It was a lot of fun to get to experience everything all over again.

One of our favorite rides is Expedition Everest- Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. It’s a rollercoaster ride set in the theming of the Himalaya Mountains. Disney does a great job of incorporating the legend of the Yeti, guardian of the mountain. This ride may be a little intense for the little ones but certainly is exciting for everyone else. The queue line was extremely long and took quite a bit of time. Overall though we loved the ride and really enjoyed all the details Disney put into creating a environment built around Mt. Everest.

One of our favorite places in Animal Kingdom is DinoLand, U.S.A. This area of the park is all themed around dinosaurs. It is also home to the ride DINOSAUR. This is one of Dave’s favorite rides. It somewhat reminds us of Jurassic Park. This ride is definitely intense. We hadn’t been on it in awhile and as we waited for what seemed like forever we tried to remember the ride. We didn’t realize how intense it had been in the past but we certainly remembered when we got off the ride. This ride was intense for us so it might not be ideal for smaller children.

We really love all the detailing that Disney has put into this park. We love being able to walk through the different lands. Africa and Asia are some of our favorites. It’s also nice to be able to eat at the different restaurants because they offer authentic foods from the different regions. It’s also fun to take pictures with characters at some of their meet and greets.  This park is certainly a must see for everyone.

What is your favorite things about Animal Kingdom?


Nail Art # 17- Upside Down French


I once again dug into my supply of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips and decided to try the reverse french. I really like this look but I think it looks more of a tulip design than a reverse french.

I’ve found that these nail polish strips are really convenient and easy to use. I like to do them while I am relaxing and watching tv. The best part is that there is almost no wait time for drying which is great for me because I am the queen of smudges!

Here is what I did to apply the nail polish strips.

1.) I wiped my nails down with nail polish remover to get rid of any oils. This allows the nail polish strip to get a good grip on the nail.

2.) I then sized out which strips I would use for each finger.

3.) I then began applying each strip to each nail and used the buffer (included in the package) to smooth it all out. This takes a little bit of time to get it looking good.

4.) I then used the nail file on the opposite side of the buffer to file away the excess nail polish strip. Sometimes it is necessary to pull the excess off but I would say to do it carefully as it could rip off more than you wanted it to.

5.) Once all that was done I applied a speed dry top coat by Nutra Nail.

6.) I then used my handy nail dryer to speed up the drying time.

That’s all I did to create this look. I really liked the finished product but I can say that I prefer to use darker colored nail polish strips because it makes it harder to see any mishaps that might have occurred. The lighter colored strips make any wrinkles really stand out.

Here is the finished look!

Oops I did it again- Nail Polish Haul

Now I know that I said I wasn’t going to be purchasing anymore nail polish for quite awhile but I just couldn’t resist! Here is a looksie at what I ended up buying when my self control went out the window!

1.) Edge Heavy Metal Nail Art by Fing’rs- Includes 10 sheets of finger leaf foil, 20 square studs, 20 rounds studs and a dark blue polish


2.) Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in 003 Venom Vixon


3.) Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips in 004 Hisss-Terical

20150321_1814354.) Sassy & Chic nail stickers- stars

20150321_1814575.) Sassy & Chic nail stickers- colored zebra stripes


6.) Nail stickers- Spring colored multi designs

20150321_1815327.) Nail stickers- Summer colored multi designs

20150321_1815208.) Like Clockwork by Funky Fingers


9.) BPM by Funky Fingers


10.) Bizerk Turq by Funky Fingers


11.) Pizzaz By L.A. Colors


12.)  Live by L.A. Colors


13.) Red Alert by L.A. Colors


14.) Craze by L.A. Colors


15.) Meadow by L.A. Colors


16.) Pink Bubbles by L.A. Colors


17.) Electra by L.A. Colors


18.) Sensational by L.A. Colors


19.) Flicker by L.A. Colors


20.) Absolute by L.A. Colors


21.)Delicate by L.A. Colors

20150321_18184022.) Fruity by L.A. Colors


23.) Crushed Candy by Maybelline New York


So as you can see I might have gone a little over board! Oh well…. maybe I’ll find my self control and stop buying so much…. but I doubt it!

Out with the old and in with the new!


Since I have been doing a lot of Spring cleaning, I decided that we needed to get a new comforter set. I am not sure how other people like to sleep but I have to have a comforter to use year round. Of course Bentley agrees. Since she’s always sleeping on my bed (I hate it but I just can’t make her get off the bed!) I had to get a new comforter.

I ended up buying a whole new set that included a comforter, fitted sheet, regular sheet, 4 pillow covers and a small pillow. The color isn’t my personal favorite but it matches with our bedroom walls and Dave wouldn’t have appreciated something pink and frilly. It was fairly inexpensive. The whole set costed $45.00. I would have prefered something in a lighter color but with that silly little dog it’s impossible. For now I am just going to cover the new comforter with an older one so that it doesn’t get ruined while Bentley uses it as her lounge chair.


Hope you all have a fantastic day!

Fabulous Findings- Statement bracelet


While out and about, running around doing some errands I stopped in Wal-Mart to pick up some nail polish remover, I happened to end up in the jewelry section. (I have no idea how that happened!)

While there I ended up purchasing a new bracelet. I thought it was really cute. It is a statement bracelet and I liked it because I can wear a fairly plain outfit and use this bracelet to jazz it up a bit.

The best part about it is that it was only $3.00! I just couldn’t pass it up for that price.

Have you had any fabulous findings lately? Let me know about it in the comments! Have a great day!