Nail Art #7

I must admit that this was my least favorite nail design to date. It just didn’t go right on so many different levels. I started this look with Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails for my base coat. Once that was complete I applied one coat of Wet N’ Wild’s Fergie in A015 Dana. I really love the color of the bright pink. The next step started to slow down the process a whole lot as I had to do each nail individually. I then applied another coat of the pink and before it dried I poured nail pearls from Pretty Woman on top. Now the nail pearls did not want to cooperate and basically went everywhere even when I used a little funnel I had from a different nail kit. I continued to do this with all my nails. I covered it all with a top coat by Pure Ice and allowed it all to dry.

I’ve come to the realization that I don’t really enjoy the look and feel of the nail pearls. I have quite a bit leftover even after making a mess everywhere so I might try it again a little differently.

What are your thoughts about the nail pearls?


4 thoughts on “Nail Art #7”

  1. I’ve actually just used some as of an hour ago that’s going up as soon as they dry lol… As always, they’re a pain due to being so fragile with placement. I used a thin brush with clear coat and just poured them on with a dual top coat and adjusted with an orange stick. I’m sure these won’t last lol.

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