Up Up and Away….

We spent one day of our 2014 trip at Downtown Disney. There was so much construction going on because Disney is revamping the whole area and changing the name to Disney Springs. On our last trip there we had seen the big hot air balloon, Characters in Flight, but I was far too chicken to even think about getting on it. This time I around I begged Dave to do it with me. He politely conceded and we went and purchased our tickets and then got in line to board. I am terribly scared of heights and thought that this would be an excellent way to put all that behind me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Once we boarded and the balloon started to rise was when pure panic set through me. Now in all fairness this had nothing to do with the balloon or the wind. Neither one was the problem. The only problem was me and that my fear had snuck up behind me to bite me right in the hiney! The whole time the balloon kept rising I was frozen in place with my hands glued to the hand rails. Dave on the other hand was simply enjoying the pure peacefulness of his surroundings.

Once the balloon reached the furthest most point you can then walk around and check out everything. Dave of course jumped at the opportunity and began walking around taking pictures of just about everything. I on the other hand stayed glued to the hand rails in the exact same spot I had started in. I only moved once when a father and daughter were attempting to walk around and I was blocking the way. I quickly let go of the hand rail and gave them enough space to walk by. Once they were by I grabbed for the railing faster than I could even blink my eyes.

Even though I was basically frozen in fear I’m still glad that I talked Dave into going on with me. I now know that my fear of heights is something that will be sticking with me for a long time but at least I know it’s a work in progress.


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