Epcot on a beautiful day!


We were lucky enough to spend a good portion of a day in Epcot during our October 2014 trip. The weather was amazing so it was a perfect day. We were not able to spend the whole day there and we spent so much time walking around enjoying everything that we didn’t even get to see any of The World Showcase. This was disappointing because the food and wine festival was going on. Oh well, there’s always next time!

We did manage to check out Test Track. It had been redesigned since our last visit. It was nice to see the changes. One thing we did notice was that the riders can now design their own car. They then get to see how their vehicle would perform against other people’s vehicles in the same car. We were happy when our’s came out on top!

We also got to see Spaceship Earth which is located right in the big ball. Nothing had really changed since our last trip and Dave even remembered where they take your picture during the ride. It was a lot of fun and now we have a great picture to remember our trip. His picture really is priceless!

Mission Space was a lot of fun and of course we had to choose the more intense ride. There was no wait time and we got right on. There were so little people around that we were the only ones on the ride, it was pretty cool. We were also able to get on Soarin’ although the wait time was insane. It took us over an hour to get on the ride which was quite a change from Mission Space.

We had a fabulous day at Epcot and we can’t wait to see the changes that are coming. We hear that there is going to be a new Frozen ride coming which of course sounds awesome!


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