Halloween Horror Nights 2014


Halloween Horror Nights is Dave’s favorite event throughout the whole year and 2014 was no different. The only difference this trip was that we ensured that he had Express Pass this time around. On our last trip he didn’t get to experience all of the houses because the lines were so long so this time we spent the extra money to make sure he could see them all. It was fairly pricey but considering this is his thing it ended up being worth the money.


This year Universal Studios allowed guests to stay in certain areas of the park if they already had Horror Nights tickets purchased when the normal park time was up. They set up a few holding areas that allowed guests to not have to exit and then re enter the park. This was much easier this time around and we hope to see Universal do this again in the future.

Halloween Horror Nights 24 featured different houses including The Walking Dead, Michael Myers and Alien vs. Predator. It also included 3 separately themed scare zones. The Purge scare zone was based around the movie. Bayou of Blood was based around voodoo priests and lots of bugs and snakes. The last scare zone was called Maskerade which featured devious attendants of a glorious ball. Dave enjoyed all the scare zones but his favorite was The Purge.

Having the Express Pass was really convenient and Dave didn’t have to spend most of his time waiting to get into a few houses. This time around he even managed to get on a few rides. He really was able to enjoy himself and all that Halloween Horror Nights had to offer and he is already looking forward to next year’s event!


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