Nail Art #3

I had been at our local Rite Aid and just happened to check out some of the nail polishes when I realized they had a nail art set to do velvet nails on clearance for $1.99. Once I saw that I figured why not try it out. It was inexpensive so I figured no big deal if it doesn’t work. After buying it I went home and decided to give it a try. I was really shocked to realize that it was so easy to do. I even went back and bought the last one that they had because I liked it so much.

Here’s how I did it. I basically prepped my nails by applying a base coat. Once that was dry I proceeded to put on a coat of the pink nail polish that was included in the set. The instructions said to go and do each nail individually so I did just that from this point on. Once that coat was dry I was ready to continue on and I basically applied my second coat on one nail and before it dried I dropped a small amount of the velvet coating onto the bottom part of my nail. Then I used a small brush that was also included in the set to move the velvet towards the tip of the nail. I did this for each nail until I was done. I also did not apply a top coat because it would have ruined the look of the velvet. Once all of that was done I tried to clean up the edges as best I could.


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