Vacation Countdown~ 79 days left!!

As you might already know we are a little obsessed with all things Universal Studios Orlando so when a few of our family members had the opportunity to whisk away to the Wizarding World we were more than excited to have them report back to us. We must admit we were a little disappointed to hear their findings and experiences.

Their experiences with both Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley were completely different. They explained how both the Forbidden Journey and Gringott’s Bank were both excellent rides but the wait times for Gringott’s Bank was extremely excessive. They were able to find some relief to the queue lines by using the single rider line, that is up until Universal closed that line. The queue line for Gringott’s Bank was really an inconvenience. They spent 2 hours in line only then to receive a voucher for a locker to store their items and were told to get back in line, which then took another 2 hours before they were able to get on the ride. Their experience with the Forbidden Journey ran rather smoothly. Overall they actually preferred the Forbidden Journey to Gringott’s Bank.

They also tried to purchase an interactive wand in Diagon Alley. They could not find any employee within Diagon Alley that even remotely knew what they were looking for. Eventually they ended up purchasing a non interactive wand. It was even more disappointing when they were able to find an employee who did know what they were talking about. They were then told the interactive wands were only available in Hogsmeade. Since they already had a wand they decided not to purchase another one. We were really disappointed to hear that their experience in Diagon Alley was not a pleasant one. We can really only assume that since the whole area is still really new maybe the employees still need to get up to speed.
Here are some more pictures of the wand, which we now know is a character wand. It is Professor Slughorn’s wand from Slytherin House.

Since this was their first visit to the Wizarding World, they felt that their experience in Hogsmeade was far better than their experience in Diagon Alley. We hope that during our visit the experience in Diagon Alley will be a pleasant one with far less crowds and less Florida heat.


2 thoughts on “Vacation Countdown~ 79 days left!!”

    1. They said they spent about $40 on it probably not including tax. They also said that the interactive wands were about $60 (most likely before tax as well.) We’re not sure at this point if we will end up purchasing one when we finally get there!


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