Vacation Countdown~ 81 days left!!

With 88 days left we decided it was time to finally put our packing list together. We thought we would share it here in the event that you may find it helpful when you travel. We left a blank line for some items so you can write in the quantity you will need.

Travel Packing List

__ X Shirts
__ X Pants/Shorts
__ X Bra/Underwear
__ X Socks
__ X Sneakers/Sandals
__ X Pajamas
__ X Sweatshirt/Jacket/Sweater
__ X Belt
__ X Swimsuit
__ X Hat/Scarf/Jewelry

Bathroom Necessities
Shampoo & Conditioner
Bar of soap
Hair Styling Products
Hair Brush
Blowdryer/ Straightener
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Razors & Shaving cream
Deodorant & Body Spray
Sunblock & Chapstick
Nail clippers & file
Head & stomach medicine
Small first aid kit
Prescription Medication
Feminine Items

Cell phones
Camera/video camera
MP3 players
Chargers/charging devices
Storage bags/carrying bags

Miscellaneous Items
Beach towel/ bath towel
Lanyard (for our park tickets)
Ponchos (for when mother nature strikes)
Window Cling (to leave in our hotel room window, it makes it easier to find in larger resorts)
4-5 plastic shopping bags (in case you need to pack something on your return, especially if it has any liquid or dirty clothing)
Plastic disposable cups, forks and knives. (In case you need to take some medication at the hotel or want to eat your leftovers.)
Bottled water & water enhancers (2 small bottles of water for the hotel)
Snacks (a few granola bar type snack items)

This is a list of things we typically pack while traveling. We hope you find our travel packing list helpful. If you find we have left something off the list please let us know!


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