Vacation Countdown~ 82 days left!!

Today’s post is all about rumors and who doesn’t enjoy a good rumor! Throughout the past few months we’ve tried to stay as up to date with Universal Studios Orlando Resort’s changes as much as possible. We are really working hard to ensure that we know as much as possible, get to see everything that we really want to see and make this our most enjoyable vacation to date. We figure, do the work now so we won’t have to when we are there.

Universal recently announced that with the release of the newest installment of the Purge movie they will in fact be putting on a scarezone themed around The Purge in this year’s Halloween Horror Nights celebrations. It is rumored that scarezone actors will be wielding chainsaws and the memorable masks from the movies. Think you could handle that?

More rumors flying around the mill are that Universal will be making some more changes to City Walk. It is already known that Margaritaville’s refurbishment has been completed. They expanded their outdoor seating and provided heaters in the event the weather turns cooler. This is leading people to believe that some of the other restaurants that were unaffected by all the newest restaurant additions will also be refurbished. Following in the footsteps of the changes to City Walk are also rumors that NBA City and the Nascar Cafe will be changed to new restaurants. At this point in time, it is believed that the restaurants will not be torn down and rebuilt but fully remodeled into completely new restaurants.

These are some of the latest rumors we’ve heard may possibly be coming to Universal Studios Orlando. Let us know what you think about the rumors!


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