Vacation Countdown~ 90 days left!!

With 90 days left we thought we would use today’s post to share all the things we like and dislike about Poseidon’s Fury. It is located in the Islands of Adventure theme park and is somewhat tucked away into the back of the park, right before the entryway to Hogsmeade and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal describes it as a show, although we think it’s not what one would typically think of when they hear the word show. This brings us to our first dislike. It isn’t a sit down show and would be considered standing room only. Live actors engage the crowd, telling the story of archeologists finding and locating the ancient Temple of Poseidon and awakening the dark within. The show uses a combination of water, fire and lasers to detail the legends of Poseidon and his nemesis Lord Darkenon. The show ends with a final battle between the two and this battle is definitely epic, one thing we really like about Poseidon’s Fury.

Here is a list of our dislikes:
Standing Room Only
It doesn’t offer any seating and guests are moved to different rooms as the show moves along.
Somewhat Chaotic
We find this show a bit chaotic as it starts with guests queueing in line. They are then funneled into a large room and all guests are squished in. If we traveled with children we could see how it’s hard to navigate through each room. They are not well lit because of the scenes of each room and guests just push and shove their way through. This can’t be enjoyable for people with smaller children.
Some of the rooms that we were moved into as the show continued were not very cool. Normally we would be ok with this but during this show your smooshed shoulder to shoulder with strangers. Trust us, the air conditioning needed to be turned up!

And here is our list of likes:
Special Effects
The effects in this show are a lot of fun. It uses a lot of fire, water and laser effects making the show very enjoyable.
The live actors/actresses really make the show a lot of fun. They really interact with the show and crowd and have made the show memorable for us through the years.
We feel like a lot of people either don’t know about the show or really aren’t very interested in it. This makes the queue line move right along. We’ve never really encountered a long wait. Universal lists show times but we’ve never had to go by it. In the past we’ve always been able to get right in.

Let us know what you like and dislike about Poseidon’s Fury.


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