Vacation Countdown~ 93 days left!!

One of Mr. Travelers favorite attractions at Universal Studios is Terminator 2-D. He’s a big fan of the entire Terminator series which of course makes the attraction a must see. It’s located fairly close to the entrance of the park. It isn’t really a ride but more of a show that involves lots of visuals on screen and live actors running around the theatre.

The attraction itself makes you feel as if you’ve stepped right into the middle of the action. The theatre seats also have some movement and motion to them but not in a true ride sense. The screens show 3-D action that can be seen by wearing 3-D glasses that are provided in the queue line before you enter the theatre.

Upon exiting the ride, you will find yourself in a Terminator themed gift shop. We love stopping in this shop and looking at all the cool merchandising. They offer tons of souvenirs that range from comic book stuff, t-shirts and even a 6 foot tall Terminator.

Terminator 2-D is a must see attraction for us at Universal Studios. It not only provides a place to cool off from the hot sun but it also is a great way to dive right into the action packed fun that we’ve come to love with the Terminator series.


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