Vacation Countdown~ 95 days left!!

On our quest to research all things Universal Orlando, we just discovered that the big sign located at the entrance to Jurassic Park, right next to Toon Lagoon, has been removed. We are a little sad to see it go but excited to see what it leads to. Hopefully it means the much anticipated arrival of King Kong on Skull Island. Pretty sweet right? Well who really knows? All we do know is that it’s long been rumored that the latest construction that has been started in that same area of the park is Skull Island. Hopefully, the changes to the sign means great things to come. Seeing what Universal has been able to do with Harry Potter makes it highly likely that King Kong just might be the latest addition yet. It also makes us wonder what is to be with Jurassic Park as it stands in the park today? We enjoy the themed area as we have come to know it today. It’s sad to see changes although if it means upgrading the area and adding new theming then we both can agree we are in. If it means no more Jurassic Park, we both vote nay.

Here are some pictures of the Jurassic Park area during our last trip.

Let us know how you feel about the changes in the parks.


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