Vacation Countdown~ 96 days left!!

Usually shows are not our thing. We usually will slip right past them and find relief, almost as if we had just dodged bullets. One show we try to see is Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show. It is located in Universal Studios theme park and is directly across from Mel’s Drive In. The last time we visited we of course had to stop and see it.

Located directly inside the theatre entrance was horror movie memorabilia or objects that had been in a horror movie. It was a lot of fun to see. After the memorabilia you are ushered into a small theatre where the show is put on. The show basically shows the audience how makeup and props were used in movies to create and tell scary stories. They incorporated movie clips and props to thoroughly entertain us. By choosing audience members to interact with the host, the show moved along nicely and we often found ourselves laughing.

Universal Orlando’s Horror Makeup Show was a fun and entertaining way to get out of the hot Orlando sun and into the dark cavernous hole that is horror. Seeing the evolution of how makeup and props have been used throughout the history of horror movies was great. It’s great for anyone because the show isn’t really scary even though it’s all about horror.

Have you ever seen the show? Let us know in the comments!


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