Vacation Countdown~ 100 days left!!

Moving our way towards double digit numbers, feels like a relief almost. Vacation will be upon us in no time, hopefully. As you probably know we love all things Universal and Mr. Travelers is a huge Halloween Horror Nights fan. Today’s post is all about surviving Horror Nights. Well more like what we know now that we’ve been once before. Mrs. Travelers isn’t even going to make the attempt like she did in 2012. Trust us, it’s better this way.

So here are some of our survival tips or things that we would have found helpful to know.

-Purchase an Universal Express Pass
We suggest this because Mr. Travelers spent tons of time in line trying to get into the houses and most of the houses had really long wait times. If you really want to get through every house Horror Nights offers and can afford the extra expense we would recommend purchasing the add on. During Mr. Travelers 2012 visit he only managed to get through 3 houses. This time around he already purchased the add on.

-Purchase souvenirs early
This is not something we would generally recommend. Seriously, who wants to carry that around all day or night long? Not us that’s for sure. So generally when we are looking for souvenirs we wait until right before we exit the park, it just seems to work. This time around, where it is a limited time event, we recommend purchasing it right when you decide you want it. We didn’t do this and waited until the end, essentially closing time on Halloween night and they had ran out of just about everything. It would have been easier getting blood out of a stone than us getting a Halloween Horror Nights t-shirt.

-Purchase tickets beforehand
We saw long lines everywhere we went. We would recommend if you can, purchasing and pre printing your tickets before getting to the parks. We understand this isn’t always able to be done but sometimes just talking to someone at the front desk at your hotel maybe able to assist you with printing your tickets out. Again, this isn’t always able to be done but will save sometime while waiting to enter the park.

-Don’t bring a lot with you
Costumes are not allowed in the park. Bags are searched by security and guests are guided through metal detectors before being allowed to enter the park. Having limited items on you will make it easier to get through security and save you time so you won’t need to check bags to get on certain rides. This one is really just a suggestion to hurry up the process for all visitors, especially if you don’t have a Express Pass.

-Universal Studios closes and re opens to Horror Nights ticket holders
We thought since we were going to Horror Nights we should also go to Universal Studios that same day. We didn’t know the park completely closes and all guests have to leave, even if you’re a Halloween Horror Nights ticketed guest. It makes no difference and everyone files out. Many Horror Nights guest just in turn walk over to the Universal Studios security and then onto the unopened gate and wait for the park to reopen. We ended up doing this but had we been in Islands of Adventure that day we easily could have walked over to Halloween Horror Nights.

These are just somethings we thought would have been helpful to know before we went on our last visit. Our most previous Halloween Horror Nights post can be found here Our behind the scenes tour of Halloween Horror Nights can be found here.
Hopefully these tips will be helpful for your visit to Universal Studios or Halloween Horror Nights. Let us know any your survival tips!



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