Vacation Countdown~ 101 days left!!

Yup, 101 days left! It really feels like it’s starting to stall. Most likely because we’ve had some free time and we’ve been using that free time to get everything in order. We made sure we got a SunPass for the tolls. We didn’t have one last time and hopefully we won’t need to use it much but at least we have it. We’d always rather be safe than sorry especially when being out of state in a rental car.

The rest of this post is about parades. Usually we don’t stop to see them, we’re usually not that interested. We usually take that time to duck away from the parade crowds and head straight to the rides. Every once in awhile you can find yourself all caught up in the fun. One of our favorite times this happened was in Islands of Adventures in Marvel Comic Island. The Marvel characters came out and gave pictures and autographs before riding away on their 4 wheelers. Here is a video of us getting caught in the fun.

On a normal day, if we saw the crowds staring to line up and ropes being put out for parades we head right into another direction. During our last trip we got caught in the fun and really enjoyed ourself. Getting the opportunity to take pictures with some of our favorite Marvel characters was a lot of fun. Maybe this coming trip we’ll get the opportunity again.


Let us know what you think about the parades. Do you usually stop and watch or head the opposite way?


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