Vacation Countdown~ 103 days left!!!

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Today is the 4th out of 5th day in a row writing about Disney. Today is all about Epcot, Mrs. Travelers favorite Disney theme park. Let’s be honest, Epcot isn’t the most thrilling theme parks but it offers something else. It offers a unique view of different cultures from all around the world. It allows its guests to blast off into space while enticing inspiration from revisiting the past right through to the current and into the future. Epcot offers something for anyone, no limit on their age.

One thing we love to visit is the Finding Nemo Ride. We love how the old Living Seas ride has been revamped into the Finding Nemo theme. The giant aquarium tank offers the best backdrop for Nemo and all his little friends. It was fun to climb into the little clam shell cars and get whisked away into an underwater adventure.

Another ride on our to do list is Test Track. Now in all honesty this ride is always hit or miss. Every time we have ever visited Epcot, no matter the time of year, the ride is either down for refurbishment or temporary maintenance. Normally we don’t mind having to wait a bit and then come back but it’s always this ride, always.

Some of our other favorites are Soarin’, Figment and Mission Space. All three rides offer a unique perspective on things. Figment of course touching upon your imagination. Soarin’ takes you right through the heart of California and Mission Space blasts you right into orbit.

Now for Mrs. Travelers favorite part of everything Epcot, the World Showcase. It is her way of visiting really interesting and intriguing places, many that also are bucket list trips for her. The World Showcase is a way to see a little bit of each culture in one journey. The countries that make up the World Showcase are: Mexico, Norway, China, Italy, The United States, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, Canada and a small outpost. Each one is themed to reflect the people, food and culture of those that live in each place. Even cast members that work in each country are actually from that country. It truly is an enjoyable experience between buying a souvenir, taking great pictures and getting to taste non native food.

These are some of the things we love about Epcot. Feel free to share your own Epcot or Disney experiences here!


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