Vacation Countdown~ 105 days left

Today is the 2nd day of our 5 days of Disney posts. Today is all about Animal Kingdom and all the great things it offers. We love this park and find it a pleasure to be able to visit. We love the animal safari and all the cultural and memorable experiences this Disney park offers.

On our last visit we arrived at the park nice and early and was able to get right on the Kilimanjaro Safari. We were really excited to load up on the safari truck and head off on our adventure. Here are some pics of some animals we saw.

Animal Kingdom is home to Mount Everest, which stands tall and majestic in the background of the park, beckoning people to try the Expedition Everest roller coaster and enticing them to see if they have what it takes to outrun the ominous Yeti.

We also love Dinoland U.S.A., which is a dinosaur themed area in Animal Kingdom. It offers a dinosaur adventure ride and other rides that are themed toward younger kids. Even still we enjoyed it and consider it a must see.

Share with us your favorite Disney experiences!


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