Vacation Countdown~ 106 days left!!

Today’s post is day 1, the beginning of 5 days of Disney! We are still having the great Disney debate: to go or not to go. Seriously are we in decisive or what? So we decided to share with you, over the next few days some of the things we enjoyed the most at the Disney theme parks. Yes, we know there are 4 Disney theme parks but we figured day 5 could feature our pirate themed hotel room during our 2009 trip where we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort.

So today we begin with The Magic Kingdom. We have a love hate relationship with The Magic Kingdom. We really want to love it but the attention and focus on families and children are just a little overboard for us. We usually find this park to be far more crowded than the others and usually we don’t have much patience to be shoulder to shoulder with strangers in sweltering heat. We prefer to visit this park when the sun starts going down and really enjoyed the castle all lit up at night. Our last trip in 2009, we were even able to catch a firework show.

Here are a few of the things we saw in the Magic Kingdom during our last trip in 2009.

Let us know about your favorite things at The Magic Kingdom.


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