Vacation Countdown~ 107 days left!!

In today’s post we would like to take the opportunity to ask all of you Universal Fans out there your opinion of Universal’s Photo Connect. Some of you may not know what it is so we will explain it and then ask you for your opinion too! We’ve never purchased it before and we are really trying to decide if the expense is worth it for our trip.

So here’s what you need to know about the Photo Connect. We have a registered account already because of our previous trips but if you visit their website then you can make a free account. Located throughout the park are employees that will take your picture, they are usually located in spots that make for great pictures. Also the rides that capture your picture, like the Hulk, can be added to your Photo Connect account. Either use one ticket or save all your tickets till the end of the day and add them when you return to your hotel. Simply log into your account and add your ticket # given to you by an employee and it is usually added right to your account. (This is usually our process.) Once that is complete you can then add those pictures onto different products which you can then purchase and have shipped to you, even after your trip is complete.

We usually will end up buying a few pictures throughout the park but the online prices seem to be absurd. We are assuming it is because we did not actually purchase the star card. According to things we’ve been told it costs $40 to purchase the star card and that you receive free prints from the rides. At that price it would be worth it to purchase the card just for the ride prints alone. The prints can certainly add up and just a few prints would exceed $40 easily. We don’t know of anyone that actually has purchased this card so if you have any info to share please do!


Usually we tend to be indecisive and go back and forth with our decisions many times. This time it’s not us, or at least we will blame not fully understanding the Photo Connect.
Let us know what you think about the Photo Connect available in Universal Studios Orlando or if you’ve purchased and used the package before!


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