Diamond Candle Experience


Mr. Travelers is such a sweet, nice guy that he went and bought Mrs. Travelers a Diamond Candle. He surprised her with the cupcake scent. He basically had it all waiting for her to light when she got home. She was really excited and had really been wanting to order one.


We had an enjoyable experience waiting for the candle to burn down. It did take quite a bit of time before we could pull the ring out and see what it was. The cupcake scent was really nice. It wasn’t too strong and burnt really well. Mrs. Travelers can be quite sensitive to some smells but this one didn’t bother her at all.

We were really thrilled to finally get to unwrap the ring. It’s wrapped up in tin foil and then placed in a small jewelry bag so it doesn’t come into contact with the wax. The ring was pretty. We don’t know what size it is but it is a bigger size. Mrs. Travelers wears a size 5 or 6 ring but this one was probably an 8 or 9. Way too big. It has a pretty purple stone in the middle of the silver band.


Although our ring doesn’t have a diamond in it, nor does it fit, we still had a lot of fun waiting to see what was in the candle. It was a lot of fun and a nice surprise that the Mr. did for the Mrs.

Have you tried, heard or seen about the Diamond Candles? Let us know your thoughts!


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