Vacation Countdown~ 108 days left!!


Today we thought would be all about Marvel Superhero Island located in Islands of Adventure. This is one of our favorite places to see while visiting Universal Studios Resort. Mr. Travelers is a huge Marvel fan so this is a must see for us. Not only is it home of some great rides, it also is full of great picture spots.


We typically will spend our time slowly walking through. We constantly stop for the next great picture while Mr. Travelers explains to the Mrs. who each character is. We’ve been on all the rides in Marvel Hero Island but one, the dreaded Dr. Doom’s Fearfall. The feeling of falling is not enjoyable for either of us so we’ve basically avoided it. This upcoming trip may be different as we’ve decided to try every ride once. Only time and our courage will tell if we complete this or not.

Spider Man is a must do ride for us everytime we visit. We like that the ride is air conditioned and that the queue line has great theming. We noticed that the Universal Studios Orlando website offers a special greeting from Spider Man. To get this greeting call 407-224-4001 to request it. We haven’t done it yet but we do intend to. Once we do we will update you with all the information we get. At this point we have no idea if there is any costs associated with the Spider Man greeting.

We’ve previously shared our thoughts with you about the Hulk here.

Marvel Super Hero Island also offers another ride called Storm Force. It is essentially a marvel themed tea cups ride, the more you spin it the more the car spins. Not really high on our favorite list and this ride really knows how to bring on the motion sickness!

Here are some other things we saw on our last trip!

Feel free to tell us about your own experiences in Marvel Super Hero Island or what you’d like to do on your own trip!


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