Vacation Countdown~ 109 days left!!


***Today is the grand opening of Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Orlando***

On Monday June 30, 2014, Universal Studios aired a special called Harry Potter and the Making of Diagon Alley hosted by Meredith Vieria. It was an hour long episode that essentially highlighted a lot of things that went into the making of Diagon Alley. It also provided a timeline of events that happened from when the Jaws ride closed right up to the red carpet held during media preview week.

Our first impression of the show was that it was ok. A lot of the things included were things that Universal had already released via Youtube. We follow their videos and are always on the look out for new ones so we would know what to expect.

Some of the things we had not seen before was the actors acting out their parts that would be shown during the ride. We hadn’t really thought about this much and thought that Universal including this aspect of Diagon Alley’s making was pretty cool.

They also showed new video of the making of the Hogwart’s Express, well we had never seen it before. It was intriguing since the video was filmed before the train was even in the United States.

Live shows will be conducted in Diagon Alley and the show featured some of the shows and even spoke with the actors and actresses. We don’t have much interest in these type of shows and assume it must be like the singing group in Hogsmeade. We don’t mind it though, we typically just keep on moving to the next stop.

The show also featured the red carpet event that was held for media week. All sorts of celebrities from the movies showed up to help Universal showcase the latest addition to the Wizarding World. The Weasley brothers, Hagrid and even Luna were on hand to help capture the magical night.

Overall we are still really excited about visiting Diagon Alley. It’s going to be a lot of fun even if the crowds are still large and queue times long. It will still be worth it. In all honesty just getting to visit Hogsmeade again is really exciting. Only 109 days left!

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Leave a comment and tell us if you saw the show and what you thought or your thoughts on the opening of Diagon Alley!


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