Vacation Countdown~ 110 days left!!

We’ve been debating going to Disney during our upcoming trip. It really hasn’t been on the itinerary during our planning but we do have extra time and it is a little enticing. We started looking at prices and found it to be extremely expansive. We were only looking to do one day park to park but realize now that the longer the stay the cheaper the prices. At this point it’s still up in the air. So since Disney seems to be in the air we thought we would share our top 10 things we love about Disney.
Here goes nothing.

Our top 10 favorite things about DisneyWorld
10.) The Magic Kingdom
Yup that’s right, it’s number 10! It really only made the number 10 slot because of 2 things that helped add more value to this park. They are 1.) The Haunted Mansion and 2.) Space Mountain. If it didn’t have these two rides neither one of us would have much interest in this park at all.

9.) Dining with the characters
Who wouldn’t want to take pictures with some of your favorite characters? Even being adults, and yes sometimes even feeling really silly, it can still be fun to have pictures of those fun moments.

8.)Hollywood Studios
We both enjoy Hollywood Studios. We like the Star Tours ride which is basically themed around Star Wars, one of Mr. Travelers favorite movie stories. We also enjoy the Rockin Roller Coaster featuring Aerosmith. We are from New England like Steven Tyler so we got to show support.

7.) Food options
Disney certainly knows how to offer lots of different food choices. It’s really easy to never need to leave Disney property no matter what type of food you’re craving. Quick service and full service menus are available all over Disney property it’s just a matter of knowing what you want and getting yourself to it.

6.) Downtown Disney
We’ve raved on and on about all the different things we love about Downtown Disney. We won’t bore you with a reenactment but will just quickly mention that they offer great dining and shopping. Previous Downtown Disney Post

5.) Shuttle Service
If a guest stays on Disney property they can use the complimentary shuttle service Disney offers that allows guests to move between different Disney properties without ever really need to leave Disney. It’s actually quite genius!

4.) Themed hotel rooms
On our last trip to Disney in 2009, we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort’s new themed Pirate’s of the Caribbean. It was really cool to see how our room was themed around the movie. Our bed’s were shaped to look like pirate ships with masts and all. The dressers looked like cargo and a pirate ship was etched into the wall in the shower. The experience was unique.

3.) Epcot
This theme park gives us the opportunity to travel all around the world in 1 day. We love getting to walk through each country and see different aspects of each culture. It’s also fun to check out each shop and see all the trinkets and food they offer. Figment, Soarin and Nemo are also some of our favorites at Epcot.

2.) Photo opportunities
We love all the great places around Disney property that are great to take pictures. We usually will take hundreds of pictures during our vacation. We love taking tons and spend lots of time just taking cool pictures. It’s also fun too because Disney also offers a photo pass of sorts that allows you to purchase pictures that cast members have taken or pictures taken during rides.

1.) Animal Kingdom
This park is a top favorite of both of ours. We both love the animal safari. We recommend going on this early in the morning as we were told that is the better time to see the animals. The dinosaur area in the back of the park is a lot of fun and we really loved running into the Yeti.

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 favorite things about DisneyWorld. Tell us about your favorite Disney rides or experiences!


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