Vacation Countdown! 111 days left!!

In today’s post we thought we would highlight Men In Black-Alien Attack, located in Universal Studios. This is an interactive ride that allows a group of “agents in training” to shoot their way through an alien attack through the streets of New York. Each alien hit gives you points, which is tallied up with the rest of your fellow riders. It is then rated against another team of riders that were simultaneously riding while your team is. The highest number of points determines the winner, although there is no real prize other than personal satisfaction.

Usually Men In Black has a fairly decent wait time when we’ve been in the parks. No matter how long we always make it a point to wait anyways because the indoor queue area is air conditioned and nicely themed to make guests feel like aliens had really taken over. It usually makes for some pictures to remember the ride by.

Mrs. Travelers gets a little frustrated with this one because no matter how hard she tries she never gets any points. Well she gets some but it’s usually the lowest, like lower than the kids on the same cart as us. Mr. Travelers likes that part of the ride because he’s really good at video games so for him it’s like sitting at home on the couch.

The exit of the ride offers guests the opportunity to purchase a picture of themselves during the ride. We don’t always purchase every picture they offer but if the picture is good or really funny we usually will buy it. We recommend at least checking it out to see if it’s worth it. Sometimes they come out terrible and would not be memorable let alone worth the money. Then the rider is moved along to the Men in Black Store before finally being able to get back outside.

Located right outside the store is a Coca Cola cool off area. It’s mostly bright red and hard to miss although it is somewhat off to the side. On really warm days it will spray mist into the air. So if you are in that area and in need of a cool down this is the perfect spot.

Here is a different view of Men In Black
Leave us a comment about your Universal moments or Men In Black memories!


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