Vacation Countdown~ 112 days left!!

With only 112 days left till we jet off to Orlando and with the grand opening of Diagon Alley right around the corner it’s safe to say that we are starting to really get into the spirit of vacation and all that is Universal Studios. We certainly have been spending more of our spare time researching things we want to do while in Florida and also comparing prices of things we need to purchase before we go away.

Today’s post is all about the things we have that are ready to go on vacation! Maybe we haven’t been as lazy as we thought, but the days are counting down and will be here quick. We must stay on the ball!

Well for starters Mrs. Travelers loved the movies so now it’s Mr. Travelers time to catch up!!! We also decided that we would wear some sort of Harry Potter attire to the parks, even more surprising is that Mr. Travelers agreed with no grumbling. Amazing things do still happen! Let us make sure we don’t confuse anyone though, we are going to wear Harry Potter themed t-shirts and not dressing up in Halloween costumes. We hope there wasn’t any confusion.

This past Christmas, Mr. Travelers bought the Mrs. the dvd collection and also a cool set of Harry Potter coins. We decided to share pictures of the coins with you. It’s ironic now because they are coins for Gringott’s Bank, which is set to officially open in Diagon Alley in 3 days!!

We hope you enjoyed all our Harry Potter merchandise. The Mrs. is waiting on a few smaller items to arrive so we will also share those with you once they arrive.

Leave a comment below about all your Harry Potter or Universal merchandise and souvenirs.


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