Vacation Countdown~ 113 days left!!

Happy 4th of July to all our fellow Americans! We hope you get to celebrate such a special day. We would also like to express our deep gratitude to all the men and women who have served our great country. The freedoms we all hold so near and dear to our hearts are afforded to us by those that have served, currently serve or will serve in the future. We’d also like to express gratitude to our soldiers’ families, who must find a way to go on in the absence of their loved ones.

A few years back, Mrs. Travelers had the opportunity to visit with a friend serving with the 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg. It happened to be 4th of July and the base was putting on a big celebration for soldiers and their families. She got to spend the day there and was so impressed with everything. It was by far the best 4th of July moment of her life and is extremely difficult to surpass. At one point in the day, the soldiers actually got to complete jumps. She’s also really into history and WWII so getting the opportunity to see what they do was the experience of a lifetime and something she will never forget.
Here are a few pictures taken from Fort Bragg, in Fayetteville North Carolina.

We thought we would continue today’s post by staying on the holiday theme. We have been to the parks for a few holidays and celebrations that we thought we would share them with you. You might already know that in 2012 we visited for Halloween and will be doing the same this year.

Back in 2009, we visited during the 4th of July (and an early one year wedding anniversary celebration) which was a lot of fun. That year we were in the Magic Kingdom on the 4th and were given complimentary American flag pins while entering the park. It was a nice added touch by Disney.

We’ve also visited Universal Studios during Mardi Gras but we were both still in high school, well below the drinking age. We might have to go again just to celebrate Mardi Gras as an adult.

Mrs. Travelers and her family also visited Disney in 1997 during Disney’s 25th anniversary celebration. Being there during their anniversary year was an added bonus because they had decorated the Cinderella Castle into a giant cake. It was really a sight to see!

Leave a comment below about your holiday or celebration trips!


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