Vacation Countdown~ 114 days left!!

Everytime we talk to people about our love for all things Universal Studios Orlando, they always seem to ask us which park is better, Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure? For us, there is no real definite winner. We love both parks so very much that we couldn’t possibly choose between the two! Although if we were asked Disney or Universal we would quickly answer with Universal being the top winner. Although that is in no way a stab at Disney, it’s just that well, they tend to cater more towards families with children and as some of you may know, we have no children. But off the topic of Disney (that’s a completely different post) and back to the two Universal Orlando theme parks.

Both Universal parks are great because they both incorporate movies and themes of things that we have really come to love and not just when we were children. A lot of the themeing and rides are all mostly still quite current and Universal has done a lot of work improving their parks and resort over the last few years.

For a little bit of time, it seemed as if a lot of the Universal Studios theme park was becoming quite outdated and appeared to us to be in desperate need of some updating. Then we started seeing the construction and addition to Islands of Adventure which eventually opened as the now infamous Hogsmeade. It was glorious and we just didn’t know what to expect in Universal Studios, especially if Universal had spent so much time, money and effort into the building of Hogsmeade. We were pleasantly surprised to see that Despicable Me and The Simpsons were completely new and opened to ride. Universal was also under construction building Transformers. There was lots of blockading up by where the Jaws ride once stood, obstructing the view of more construction, which we now know to be Diagon Alley.

For now, we will continue to think that the parks are equal to each other but maybe our trip this October will finally make us choose a side. Leave us a comment below and tell us which park is your favorite.


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