Vacation Countdown~ 115 days left!!

Yesterday’s post was all about Mr. Travelers experience during Halloween Horror Nights 23. Today’s post is going to stay on the Halloween Horror Nights topic only with a slight turn. Today we are going to share pictures we took during a behind the scenes tour of the houses for Halloween Horror Nights 2012.

In 2012, Universal put together a total of 7 houses for the 23rd annual Halloween celebration. Those houses were Gothic, Silent Hill, The Walking Dead, Penn and Teller, Alice Cooper, Dead End and House of Horrors. Before we took off for vacation Mr. Travelers, being the horror fanatic that he is, decided to research a little bit to see if Universal was doing anything special or holding any other special events since we were visiting on Halloween Day. Sure enough, he found tickets for a behind the scene tour that showed you a few of the houses that he would later that night be venturing through. The tickets were not too expansive and the tour actually ended up being well worth the money on top of the regular park entrance fee. If you’re like Mrs. Travelers and do not enjoy being frightened do not worry, there is nothing scary about this tour. Mrs. Travelers actually took the tour and really enjoyed it, even though she later that night panicked big time at the Horror Nights celebration and still to this day vows never to return.

We unfortunately didn’t get to see all the houses but we did get to see a few. In total the tour lasted about two hours and we each also received a complimentary Halloween Horror Nights lanyard. Here is a peak into the haunted houses from 2012 with the lights left turned on!
Gothic House

Dead End

Penn and Teller

Alice Cooper

House of Horrors
This particular house was not actually offered on the tour. Our tour was the very last tour of the 2012 season so our tour guides gave us a special sneak peak of this house. How lucky is that?

Overall we both really enjoyed getting to participate in the behind the scenes tour. We found that even though we paid extra money it was well worth it. As we get closer to October we look forward to seeing if Universal will offer a similar tour.

Leave us a comment about your Halloween Horror Nights experiences!


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