Vacation Countdown~ 116 days left!!

Mr. Travelers is a giant horror fan. He basically loves all things horror whether it be walking through a haunted house or sitting down to a scary movie. The scarier the better. Mrs. Travelers is the complete opposite. During our last visit he decided to go down to Halloween Horror Nights 23 on Halloween night by himself. This year he is really looking forward to all that Halloween Horror Nights 25 will have to offer.

Here is a link to his Youtube video, basically walking through Halloween Horror Nights 23 (2012.)

He found it extremely enjoyable but the lines were extremely long making it really difficult to actually go through all the houses. This year he has purchased a Universal Express Pass so that he will be able to navigate through much more quickly and smoothly. Here are some pictures of what he got to experience on that very haunted Halloween night!

Leave a comment below about your favorite Halloween or scary memories!


5 thoughts on “Vacation Countdown~ 116 days left!!”

  1. My fav memory would have to be last year which was my first year visiting HHN orlando! And it was amazing!! So amazing that I am going again this year..and I cannot wait!!!!!!!


      1. Likewise, I hope you trip is everything you planned and much more 🙂 enjoy guys! Loving the posts


      2. Thank you so much! We hope you enjoy the posts to come!! If you can, check out today’s posts about the HHN Behind the Scenes tour! If you can afford the extra expense it would be worth it!


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