Vacation Countdown~ 118 days left!!


Considering we are huge Universal fans it probably wasn’t a surprise to you that we decided to discuss our previous visits to City Walk in yesterday’s post but in today’s post we thought we would also discuss how International Drive in Orlando is also a top destination stop for us every vacation.

It is one of those places that is constantly changing. No matter how many times we’ve stopped on International Drive we have always found something new. The entire street offers many different and unique dining, shopping, entertaining and lodging experiences that surely you will find something to like. We find that as long as we have a rental car, International Drive is fairly easy for us to navigate to and we recommend that you check it out too. It may not be a place that you and your family/tripmates will spend the entire day at but it’s at least worth checking out if your travel itinerary has the extra time. Here is some pictures of some of the things we saw. If nothing else it gave us the opportunity to take some pretty interesting pictures.

International Drive offers plenty of shops that you can stop at to pick up souvenirs to bring back home with you. We usually stop in a few of them trying to find the perfect gifts to bring home for family. During our last trip we did this while waiting to leave for the airport. We ended up putting the items in our carry ons and didn’t realize that security didn’t appreciate the mini snowglobes the same way the Mrs. had when she picked them out. Anyways they ended up being left behind in the airport because we had already parted ways with our luggage and the airlines would have charged us about $40.00 to have checked a little snow globe that had only cost about $3.95 plus tax. So we live and learn and now know to make sure all those extra purchased items are packed away in the luggage well before we arrive at the airport. If you’re planning your own trip hopefully this little bit of information will be helpful and you can get all your souvenirs home. It really wasn’t even about the wasted money, it was about not having a gift for someone when you arrive back home.

Leave us a comment about your experiences at International Drive or even your terrible airport experiences.


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