Vacation Countdown~ 119 days left!!

Today is a slow Saturday for us! We don’t have much going on this weekend. Just some house cleaning and maybe luggage shopping.
The Mrs. did just purchase some new Harry Potter stuff to bring along with us on our trip. Now we wait for it to be shipped. Of course we will share it once it arrives!

In today’s post we thought we would touch upon City Walk. At first, our impression of City Walk was not much of a good one. We were fairly young and still in high school, during our very first walk through. We basically walked through during our walk into Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. The walk in was fine, but walking out was a bit uncomfortable. There was so much going on and tons of loud music. We were even approached by waitresses carrying around test tube shots of alcohol. We were young and underaged and with our parents, not good. Of course we didn’t buy any, we were within eye shot of our parents so there was definitely no shenanigans. Since then all of our trips back have been nothing but pleasant. Universal has certainly set the bar for City Walk as high as they do for their theme parks in the more recent years.

With the latest edition to the theme parks, Diagon Alley, set to open to the public on July 8th, Universal foresaw the gold mine in front of them and redesigned City Walk to be able to feed and provide ample entertainment opportunities to the throngs of people expected to turn out. Most of them Potter fans with the hopes of getting in to explore their favorite wizarding world.
Here is a list of the latest additions.
Antojitos Mexican Restaurant
Cold Stone Creamery
Brick Oven Grill
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
The Bread Box
Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar
Red Oven Pizza Bakery
The Hot Dog Hall of Fame Restaurant
VIVO Italian Kitchen
Starbucks (store relocation)
The Universal Studios Store

All of this of course does not include any of the on property hotels including Universal’s new Cabana Bay Beach Resort. Each hotel offers a unique array of entertainment and dining opportunities. Some of the venues and restaurants may require reservations so if you are planning a trip you may want to call ahead to guarantee you can do the things that you have envisioned. We know we’d be disappointed if we really wanted to see the Blue Man Group and didn’t buy tickets and for whatever they were sold out. That would be a total bummer!

Since our last trip there have been lots of changes to City Walk. Here are a few pictures of some of the restaurants that were available in 2012. So much has changed and we can’t wait to see it all.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Emeril's and Margaritaville
Emeril’s and Margaritaville
Nascar Cafe
Nascar Cafe


City Walk has a lot to offer. They also have a movie cinema, shows like The Blue Man Group and even mini golf. During our 2012 visit, the mini golf was under construction so we didn’t get to play but we did still get some pictures.


Since this will be our first time staying on Universal property we fully intend to take advantage of the many great opportunities and experiences available at City Walk. We intend to share with you in posts to come some of the places we are looking forward to most experiencing.

Leave us a comment below about your own experiences at City Walk Orlando or any questions!


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