Vacation Countdown~ 120 days left!!


We have 120 days left and and really need to start thinking about placing those reservations we had mentioned in a previous post, not to mention the luggage situation. Luckily we still have plenty of time but will need to really start nailing down our final itinerary sooner rather than later. Not everything needs to be set in stone but the whole Tampa trip is still up in the air and really needs some finalizing.

On to bigger and better things! In today’s post we are going to discuss The Rip Ride Rocket roller coaster located in Universal Studios. On our trip in 2009 it was being built so we didn’t have the opportunity to ride it. During our 2012 trip neither of us had the stomach for it. We didn’t even attempt it. This year’s trip is all about trying new things and hopefully this one can be checked off the list. Here is a video from our last visit.

We’ve watched a bunch of videos on Youtube featuring people riding the Rip Ride Rocket. We were mostly concerned with the first downhill drop which is quite a sight to see from the ground. After watching the videos it doesn’t seem to be as bad as we had thought so this year we intend to go on every ride that is up, running and functioning during our visit. Hopefully we can fulfill this but who knows what the crowds will be like.

Here is two pictures from our last visit in 2012. In it you will notice that construction for Transformers was just beginning. At that same time construction for Diagon Alley was just beginning as well. Thank goodness that they both will be open during our upcoming trip in 120 days left!!



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