Day Trips #2~ Amusement Parks

This past weekend we ventured over to a local theme park to celebrate a family member’s birthday. This person turned 14 years old and wanted nothing more than to take a few of her friends and get on some rides. Our families are mostly from the New England area so we tend to go to fairly local places which is why we decided to go to Canobie Lake Park located in Salem New Hampshire. The drive to and from the amusement park is pretty easy and the weather was great. What better way to spend the Sunday afternoon.

Here is our New England version of the Portofino (hotel at Universal Studios Orlando)!!

We spent the day walking around, taking in the great day and of course riding some of the rides.
Here are a few pictures of some of the rides.




They also offer the typical amusement park food. Lot’s of yummy sugary things!!




Located towards the back of the park is a great view of Canobie Lake.

They also offer a small water play area. The younger kids really love this on a hot summer day.


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