Vacation Countdown~ 121 days left!!

We have 121 days left and judging where we are in our preparedness right now we could say we are in good shape. Although, the closer we get the faster the time will go by. The biggest thing we are trying to figure out is luggage. Our trip lasts a week and there is two of us so we have to travel with something, taking no luggage is not an option. The Mrs. has found what she wants which is 2 average sized luggage, exactly what she wants, but the price of those 2 pieces is the same if we were to buy a four piece set… decisions… decisions…

For the rest of this post the Mrs. is going to take over and list off a few of her top favorite rides, favorite rides to go on when needing a cool off break and her favorite show. Unfortunately we won’t be able to list Gringott’s Bank or Hogwart’s Express till October!

Top 5 Rides/Attractions

5.) Despicable Me-
I loved this ride and it actually got me to watch the movie! It was a lot of fun and a surprise since I had no idea Jimmy Neutron was no longer there during our 2012 trip.

4.) Dragon Challenge-
I’ve been on this a few times and each time I get off it I can’t figure out why I would ever get on it again. I seem to have a strange love/hate relationship with this one. When I get off the ride my brain, neck and back feel like jello. For some strange reason, I brush all that aside and get back on again. It’s almost like a badge of honor or courage that I rode it and survived.

3.) The Mummy-
I really enjoyed this ride a lot. It was fun and exciting being indoors and not being able to see what was coming next. On one of my previous trips with my family while on the ride, my younger sister had a panic attack when the ride got stuck. She got a little worked up and frightened because the car we were riding in was stopped in the fire room and if you’ve ever been on the ride before then you know how warm and uncomfortable it can be.

2.) The Simpsons-
This is such a great ride. I love how Universal remade the entire ride from Back to the Future to the Simpsons. They’ve been a favorite of mine on tv for a long time so seeing the ride was great and getting to see all of Springfield this trip will be awesome!

1.) Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
I just loved everything about this ride. The whole queue line felt like we were actually walking through the World of Harry Potter. I had seen the movies before going to Universal, but I wasn’t a true Potter fan back then and didn’t understand how all everything tied together. I currently know much more now (although I certainly am not a Potter professional) and can’t wait to see how it will all tie together.

Those are my top 5 rides but I also figured I would include my top 3 rides to take a cool off break on. These are 3 of my favorite rides to go on when it’s just too hot out.

Top 3- Break Rides

That silly Cat in the Hat
That silly Cat in the Hat

3.) The Cat in the Hat-
This is a good choice for a group of any age especially since the queue line is completely indoors and air conditioned. We’ve heard that the ride doesn’t spin as much as it used to. This should really make it convenient for families with small kids. It is by no means a fast or scary ride but if you’re looking for a place to get some shade, this could be your pit stop.
2.) Shrek 4-D
I really could do without this attraction but I find it a great place to stop and get out of the Florida sun. I personally enjoy warmer weather and always find myself cold, but sometimes the heat can be just too overbearing. Shrek 4-D has a movie theatre type set up so if you find yourself tired and not hot make a stop here.
1.) Spider Man
If you are a comic fan then I’m sure you’re already sold on the ride, but if you are not a comic fan you may be tempted to skip this one. That I wouldn’t reccomend. I have very little in comics but found this one great. Not only is the whole queue line air conditioned but it is completely themed to Spider Man as well. It makes waiting in line not so bad, especially when you can use that time to take fun, memorable pictures.

That concludes my top rides. Leave us a comment about your favorite rides!


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