Vacation Countdown~ 122 days left!!

As kids we were introduced to Dr. Seuss. Whether it be his books or movies, his characters were part of our lives. That’s what makes Universal so great. They figured out a way to re introduce an old childhood theme into our adult lives. Don’t get us wrong, the rides available are limited and in no way thrill rides yet we still enjoy seeing all that there is to offer in the world of Seuss.

Each shop is completely customized into the Dr. Seuss theme, right down to the Green Eggs and Ham sandwiches they sell. We loved getting pictures in the shop especially the one with the Christmas despising Grinch. It was like a total blast from the past. The lines were especially long in the Dr. Seuss area on the day that we went. We don’t really know why since the only other place we really seemed to wait at was Hogsmeade. We figured Hogsmeade would have some wait times since it was still new but Dr. Seuss? We guess he was as much a part of everyone else’s childhood as he was ours.




Universal, in our opinion, did really well with the Dr. Seuss theming. We had so much fun checking out all the little details that Universal incorporated into the entire area. Even if you’re not a kid, we think it’s still worth checking out.

Let us know about your experiences at Universal Studios below!!!


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