Vacation Countdown! 123 days left!!

One of our favorite rides at Islands of Adventure surely is the Hulk. It is an extremely fun and adventurous ride while moving at a crazy speed. We’ve been on it quite a bit but the last time really reminded Mrs. Travelers how it stinks to get old. It certainly felt like enduring a minor beating. She probably just can’t handle the intensity.
The ride starts and ends so quickly that it truly goes by in the blink of an eye, but in the moment, on the ride it feels like an eternity. We love how Universal offers options to purchase a picture of your ride. During one of our last trips we were even offered the opportunity to purchase a video of our ride. A family member in our group actually did purchase a copy….(wonder if they still have it???) Universal really knows how to add such a creative touch to everything they do.

On our last visit we recorded the Hulk roller coaster. Now this video is not us on the ride, we prefer to be able to use our cameras/video cameras more than a few times! But hopefully if you’ve never been to Universal you can see one of the reasons we appreciate them so much.

Leave us a comment about your own Hulk roller coaster memories or Universal experiences.


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