Vacation Countdown~ 124 days left!!

A few posts back we shared with you our top favorite things at Downtown Disney and also revealed that we were intentionally leaving Disney Quest out. Today is the reason why. This post is going to be all about Disney Quest and our experience during our 2012 Orlando trip.

Before our trip in 2012, we had no idea that anything named Disney Quest existed nor that it resided right in Orlando. We had visited the area many times before this trip but in all honesty we never really ventured much farther than the Disney theme parks. For an unknown reason, while venturing through Downtown Disney we noticed the building and decided to inquire some more. We purchased our tickets and ventured inside to find an arcade that only dreams are made of.

There were so many games available to play and other more interactive games that really gets you in on the action. The arcade has 5 different floors that you can travel between to play and see all that Disney Quest offers. We spent a few hours at Disney Quest and enjoyed everything we encountered in Disney’s interactive world.

Our favorite ride/gaming interaction was Cyber Space Mountain. It allows you to virtually design your very own roller coaster. It allows you to add different features like speed and how narrow a turn is to how many inverted loops your coaster will have. You get to decide the intensity of the ride and then they let you ride your design, if you are up to it of course. We made one design that we named the Screaming Banshee. It was the most intense that the virtual world allows to be designed and of course we rode it! Disney, in their always creative ways, records you and fellow passenger to watch yourselves riding the ride. They also offer to sell you a DVD copy, which we had to buy. We occasionally will watch it and we just laugh at ourselves every time. This was certainly for us the highlight of Disney Quest but it certainly offers way more.

They have a Pirates of the Caribbean interactive multi user game. It allows you and your fellow travelers to load onto a boat and destroy on coming pirates who are in turn trying to destroy and sink your boat. It was really a lot of fun, although we only had three people in our group so it was really hard to play. If we had more hands available it might have been easier to succeed.

Disney Quest was a great way for us to spend the day together doing fun activities. It was a way to help wind down our vacation before our departure day. We spent a good portion of our day there and really found it quite enjoyable. We don’t know if we will have the opportunity to return for our upcoming trip but only time will tell.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip to Disney Quest. Leave us a comment below about our trip or your last trip to Disney Quest!


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