Vacation Countdown~ 125 days left!!

So much information has now been released about Diagon Alley now that media week is all wrapped up. We are so excited but 125 more days sounds like forever. The time has been going by really quickly but since learning of the July 8th opening date it feels more like it’s stalling. We’ve had some family members decide to join us on this adventure, so hopefully discussing everything with you and with them will make time pass faster.

The first topic to mention is the interactive wands that are available for purchase. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, these wands will be a must see and maybe even a must buy! The wands come with a map of the parks that shows locations that the wands can used at. If you go to that location you will find a bronze looking marker on the ground. Use your interactive wand and the associated spell there and you will get a little taste of magic! Universal released a Youtube video featuring the Weasley’s and how these interactive wands really work. The video, although brief, will give you a snippet of these must have wands!

The next topic is the Dragon located on top ofGringott’s Bank. We’ve now seen actual pictures shot down Diagon Alley fully displaying Gringott’s Bank and the Dragon actually breathing fire! Here is where we both have differing opinions. Mr. Travelers feels that the Dragon looks sweet. He thinks that the Dragon looks really large where as Mrs. Travelers thinks that the Dragon isn’t as large as she had been envisioning in her head. She also doesn’t like how the Dragon’s wings don’t fully extend outward. The Dragon is instead perched as if he is crouching down breathing his fire onto the Diagon Alley inhabitants. One thing we could agree on is that with the amount of cash that will be spent by visitors at each park, Universal surely could have built a larger more grand dragon. Maybe our opinions will change once we finally get to take our walk down the alley!

Our next topic is Butterbeer. On our last visit, while in Hogsmeade, we decided we just had to try the Butterbeer. We have to shamefully admit that in no way did we enjoy the Butterbeer. We enjoyed the opportunity to try the drink our favorite wizards like but in all honesty it was gross. It has a cream soda like taste, which is not on our to drink list. The cream on the top was very sweet and we did find that we enjoyed that portion of the drink although we didn’t drink it all as we were afraid it would make us sick! It was really that sweet! Having admitted to all of that we might as well keep on the roll and admit that while we do want to try the different Harry Potter themed ice creams at Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlor, more than likely Butterbeer will not be our first flavor.

We hope you enjoyed our latest update. Feel free to leave us a comment about all your favorite Universal moments or what you’d like to hear from us next!


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