Vacation Countdown~ 126 days left!!


Today Mr. Travelers wants to touch upon the rumors surrounding the themed houses for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2014. We have found online lots of different scenarios and we thought we would share Mr. Travelers thoughts on each. Please note that if you are reading this and do not want to know what each theme may possibly be we suggest you wait to read the rest of this post.

Here are the themes and a brief description which will then be followed by Mr. Travelers thoughts.

Description: Possibly themed around Alien Vs. Predator
Thoughts: If this is true that would be super sweet. I’d prefer an alien house personally, but if they decide to throw in some Predators too that could be sweet. I like the idea of Aliens popping out of corners like how Disney did it on the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios.

The Walking Dead
Description: The Walking Dead tv show
Thoughts: I got to see a Walking Dead house back in 2012 so Universal is somewhat reusing the theme. I really enjoy the tv show so if they can do the theme well I’d enjoy it.

Description: Dolls
Thoughts: I don’t have much opinion on this one. I still feel like I need more info.

Description: Michael Myers
Thoughts: I’m not really sure how they can incorporate this into a house but I’m a fan so I’d want to see what they do and how they transform the theme. I think Jason would be a better idea but I’m still down for a Michael Myers themed house.

Description: Thankskilling instead of Thanksgiving
Thoughts: I’m wondering if this one is about the Thankskilling movie. I’ve never seen it but I know I’ve heard of it. Not overly interested in this house but I will have to check out the movie. The description of the movie is basically college kids being killed by a crazy turkey during Thanksgiving school break. The cover of the movie is kind enough to say “Warning boobs in the 1st second!” Awesome!

Description: Researching unexplainable events
Thoughts: This could be really cool. This one could go many different ways. There is always a possibility of a super natural house. It would be cool to walk through it as if you are a ghost hunter, your own paranormal tv show!

Description: Dracula
Thoughts: This is going to be great. This theme is right up my alley. I can’t even wait for this one!

Description: Clowns
Thoughts: I got no love for clowns. I mean I don’t have any clown phobia or anything like that but surely Universal could find another theme. This house and the doll house, as of right now are the ones I have the least interest. But who knows? Maybe they end up being the best ones yet!


Leave a comment below and let Mr. Travelers know which house you are looking forward to the most!


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