Vacation Countdown~ 130 days left!!


Photo By: FunLovinTravelers

Since our last trip to Universal back in 2012 they have made so many changes. Now of course all the chatter is about Diagon Alley but we have to admit that Springfield is seriously on our minds! Since our last trip they have added a new kiddie ride, fast food alley and essentially re-themed the area surrounding the Simpsons Ride. It’s as if Universal has taken a page right out of Disney’s playbook with how they are really re-imagining theming within their parks.


Photo By: FunLovinTravelers

We are already hooked on the Simpsons Ride so any addition to the area is just going to top everything off. We’ve read online that even the food has been incorporated into the theme of the Simpsons. Hopefully we can stop by Moe’s Tavern and get a flaming Moe’s!


Photo By: FunLovinTravelers

We haven’t heard any news that the Men in Black Ride has been changed or updated at all so we wonder how that will look sitting right next to all the Simpsons theming. We guess we will just have to wait and see!


Photo By: FunLovinTravelers

If you’ve been to the parks recently, leave us a comment about changes you’ve seen!


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