Vacation Countdown~ 131 days left!!

Our vacation package includes a week stay at the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort. We had heard that this is the largest newly constructed hotel opening in the world, China being the only exception. We are anticipating it being huge and filled with lots of people. Even if there are large crowds we hope that staying on Universal property will make the adventure easier and give us the ability to do more fun things rather than spend a lot of our time getting to and from each location. On our last trip we stayed at a hotel in Kissimmee. The hotel was fairly nice and we can’t really complain about it at all. The only downside was the amount of time it took getting back and forth and also all the tolls we had to stop at. We also like the close proximity that Universal Resort is to International Drive, it’s nice to know that if we need to go and purchase something we can. We decided to share this with you in hopes that it you may find it helpful if you are planning your own adventure.


We also thought we’d share that we saw online the latest additions Universal added in the parks to be able to use the new interactive wands. The stopping points have been revealed in Islands of Adventure. This is a marking that is where you will be able to use your interactive wand along with you using the corresponding spell. If you use the correct spell something we assume magical will happen. We really are looking forward to finding out more about these wands and their spells!



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