Vacation Countdown~ 132 days left!!

Usually our posts go on and on about all things Universal. Today is a different kind of day. In today’s post we thought we would touch upon Universal’s rival… Disney!! It’s not that we dislike Disney, but well let’s be honest, they really aim to please kids and their families which is completely understandable but it’s really the complete opposite of us. We can handle It’s a Small World once, but getting stuck on it for 20 minutes is a completely different (true) story. Painfull is an understatement. The one thing that we found Disney did really well was the Downtown Disney area. We recently learned that Disney is going to change the name to Disney Springs and make some changes, hopefully for the better. We’d like to share with you some of the things we enjoyed during our last visit in 2012. Here was our top 5 things at Downtown Disney.

5.) The dining options. They offered so many different places to grab a bite to eat. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for quick service or a sit down meal. No matter what your preference is you can surely find it here!

DSC00336 Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

4.) Shopping Who doesn’t love shopping? Well Mrs. Travelers certainly does! Downtown Disney certainly has plenty of places to shop. All of the shops have great window displays so if you find yourself in the area make sure to take a peak! They have shops of all kinds from Harley Davidson, candy and glass blowing.

DSC00320 Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

3.) The View

It’s always nice to be able to stop and really take in the view. Downtown Disney creates such a fun and relaxing environment that it would be silly not to take in the fabulous views! DSC00323 Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

2.)The cast members and pin trading

This one is for Mrs. Travelers. We have a small collection of pins from Disney that we have managed to collect over the years. We’ve found it enjoyable to stop into the pin trading shops and browse around. We usually engage the cast members attending to the shop. They generally will know which pins are newer or older. They wear a lanyard with pins that you can trade your own pins for if you find one they have and you want. Even if your not into pin trading/collecting we still suggest chit chating with cast members. They come from all around the world and sometimes even spill lesser known tidbits about the area. On our last visit the cast member was a really cool middle aged guy. Now we wish we got a picture with him! SAMSUNG CSC Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

1.) All the details

Disney really knows how to really do the small details well. Everywhere you look there is something cool and unique to look at. We found it enjoyable to just stroll around and check out as much as we could. DSC00378We purposely left out Disney Quest because we intend to touch upon that later. We hoped you liked our top 5 at Downtown Disney! Leave a comment below with your favorite things at Downtown Disney!!


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