Vacation Countdown~ 134 days left!!

Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

Our new camera and tablet arrived yesterday. We were so thrilled to finally start playing around with them! So that’s two things we can check off the to get before vacation list! We just recently learned that the current luggage that we have is certainly not going to last another vacation so that is a must do. We are fairly sure we know what we want, now it’s just a matter of finding it. That is a Mr. Travelers job, he’s like the superman of price checkers! The man can find a deal no matter what nook or cranny it’s hiding behind!
We also need to start calling places we intend to visit to place reservations. We’d rather be safe than sorry. We already have a breakfast at Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade and a breakfast at the Leaky Caldron in Diagon Alley with set reservations that were included in our Harry Potter vacation package. We are going to look into adding the Cinematic Dining Spectacular but the website seemed to have limited dates available. We would assume it’s because Halloween Horror Nights will also be going on during the time we will be at the resort. If we didn’t end up seeing the Spectacular we wouldn’t be very upset especially since all of Universal Studios Resort offers tons of good food options.

As of today our plans also include spending a day in Tampa (we will also have a rental car for the week.) We wanted to check out a place called the Big Cat Rescue. It is a animal rescue that specializes in large cat breeds. Mrs. Travelers really wants to see it so we really hope we can fit it all in. Calling ahead for this is most likely going to be necessary.

As you can tell we’ve got lots of ideas for this trip. So many ideas that we probably won’t fit it all in. As we get closer we will keep you up to date as to any changes we make. At this point, the possibilities seem endless. If you have a recommendation or suggestion of something we should see or do while in the Orlando area please leave a comment below!


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