Vacation Countdown~ 133 days left!!


Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

133 days left! Wow we still are a ways away although it feels like it’s moving fast. Luckily the good weather we’ve had has been a little distracting.

The past few weeks have gone by really quickly, or it seemed that way. It probably helped that we’ve been able to stay so up to date with everything going on in Orlando. Scouring the internet of any update has become a nightly ritual. Today we stumbled upon leaked information about the themes to the rest of the houses for Halloween Horror Nights. We won’t share that information here yet since it’s really early and we’ve got plenty of time to get into that. Instead we thought we’d touch upon the complete differences between the two of us and how Universal can still manage to give us both a completely awesome vacation.

We are both really different. The Mr. is a cool, calm and collected fellow that really enjoys everything horror, comics and video games. The Mrs. tends to be tightly wound, high anxiety and does not enjoy one bit being frightened. We think you can see how deciding on a travel destination can be a problem! Thankfully we had both in the past been to the theme parks and even went for our honeymoon. Since we have no children it really gives us the freedom to go and do just about anything but we are always drawn back to Universal.

This trip some family and friends may join us along the journey which will be great. Mr. Traveler can have a partner in crime for Horror Nights since the Mrs. would be curled in the fetal position crying her eyes out before we even got in the park! It’s his favorite time of the year and there really is no better place to spend it. We love that the parks give us so many opportunities to have fun and make memories.


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