Vacation Countdown~ 135 days left!!


Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

Universal Studios appears to be stepping up it’s game in recent weeks. There have been so many exciting new things going on that we don’t even know if our brains can process it all! Yesterday we got more exciting news! Universal announced it’s release of a new app that appears so far to be great. They also announced that the theme parks will now have wifi available which will hopefully make running the app a breeze. We also realized that our DVR was set to record Trip Flip on the Travel Channel but more about that later.

The Universal Studios app was available for free download. We use android devices and had no problem accessing it from the play store. The app definitely has a lot to offer. It will make locating just about anything really easy and if you are new to the parks will help with navigating about. We think the app will also be helpful for the returning fans because it also shows ride wait times. If the app runs as smoothly at the resort as it does at our house we will surely navigate the new parts of the park easily. In the meantime we will continue to play around with the app. We’ll be sure to share anything helpful we find! The access to wifi is just an extra bonus, especially since we are staying on property.

Now for a little Q and A with Mrs. Travelers

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?
A: Diagon Alley… It’s going to be amazing!

Q: What addition to Harry Potter are you most excited for?
A: Everything! Too many things that I can’t even name them!

Q:What restaurant in CityWalk are you craving the most?
A: I really want to try Antojito’s. The atmosphere seems like a lot of fun.

Q: Would you want to purchase an interactive wand to be used in the park? and if so would you actually use it at the different locations around The Wizarding World?
A: Yes! Yes! and oh did I say yes!!!

Q: If you could bring back any of the rides that have been closed down, which would it be and why?
A: Probably Back to the Future. Out of all the closed rides I miss that the most but I really do love the Simpsons!

Next on the agenda….. Trip Flip is a show on the Travel Channel hosted by Bert Kreischer. It typically is when Bert chooses random people and takes them on a trip that usually equates to a trip of a lifetime or pretty dang close. In this particular episode Bert picks a family and takes them to a few places in Florida and finally ventures into Orlando to close out the trip. The trip was really great because they were surprised with a stay at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort and it allowed the family to have exclusive access in the Islands of Adventure theme park. If that wasn’t cool enough they then proceeded to get a sneak peak into Diagon Alley. Sounds like a good way to wrap up a great trip!

On a different note, our camera has arrived! We got a Samsung DSLR NX1100. So if you’ve used one before and have any tips leave us a comment and of course feel free to comment below with what your answers are!!!


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