Vacation Countdown ~ 136 days left!!


Photo taken by: FunLovinTravelers

We shared yesterday how we were extremely excited about the arrival of our new camera and tablet that should have arrived today. Unfortunately it did not arrive. We are a little disappointed since we wanted to start playing around with them, especially the camera. Well I guess there is always tomorrow!

For the rest of this post I thought we would do a Q and A with Mr. Travelers. I (Mrs. Travelers) have a lot of questions I want to ask him, especially what he is looking forward to the most. He and I have different tastes so I’m sure our answers will be quite different.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?
A: Horror Nights and Transformers

Q: What addition to Harry Potter are you most excited for?
A: The dragon on the roof of Gringott’s Bank. It looks pretty sweet!

Q:What restaurant in CityWalk are you craving the most?
A: Margaritaville. It might not be new but it sure is tasty!

Q: Would you want to purchase an interactive wand to be used in the park? and if so would you actually use it at the different locations around The Wizarding World?
A: If it’s cheap! (Mrs. Travelers doubts that it would be cheap!)

Q: If you could bring back any of the rides that have been closed down, which would it be and why?
A: King Kong, I mean seriously he’s just cool!

So that officially ends the first chapter of Q and A with Mr. Travelers. Hopefully you found it enjoyable and will want to check back in as we get closer to vacation. I’m sure many of his answers could change. For all we know there could even be more announcements from Universal to come!

Feel free to leave comments below about what your favorite things are at Universal Studios!


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